Production process Suñer S.A.
  Production management system that allows us to ensure the traceability and control of our parts during all stages of production process, thus optimizing delivery times enabling us to meet our customers' commitments:
  Production process - Oficina Técnica   TECHNICAL OFFICE
SUÑER, S.A., provides particular guidelines and solutions offering to our customers a sophisticated fusion process simulation to define the optimal solution for every application. SUÑER, S.A., can provide a custom-designed solution to fit every application, the solution or the competence, know-how and skills to develop it.
  Production process - Moldeo   MOULDING
We are specialized in the manual part moulding in stands and pits up to 3000x3000mm and 4000x2000mm for parts up to 7 tons of weight. We also offer a half-automatic moulding line for small series production.
  Production process - Laboratorio   LABORATORY
Laboratory for physical and chemical testing equipped with 2 optical emission spectrometers for quality, chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties test/controls.
  Production process - Fusión   MELTING
Three electric Induction furnaces having daily melting capacity up to 18 Tn provided with all the parameters to guarantee a impurity free casting (temperature control, automatic system dump, gas removal system, etc).
  Production process - Acabado   GRINDING
Extensive experience in finishing and polishing blasting cabin, large grinding machines, radial, high frequency polishing equipment, etc.
  Production process - Tratamientos térmicos   HEAT TREATMENT
SUÑER, S.A., provides 4 gas heated furnaces including:
- 3 high temperature furnaces (Tmax 1060 C)
- 1 Air circulation furnace (Tmax 650°C )
- Cooling system: air, water and oil
- Water and oil pools (25m3) for quenching/austempering.
- A wide range of heat treatments: annealing, quenching, tempering.
  Production process - Mecanización   MACHINING
Thanks to its important machine park (CNC vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, grinders, etc), SUÑER, S.A., can offer a global solution to its costumers embracing supply, manufacturing, assembly and adjusting, while minimizing delivery terms, production costs and logistics.
  Production process - Control de calidad   QUALITY CONTROL
SUÑER, S.A., is equipped with the devices/protocols that are essential for verifying the manufactured parts in each stage of the production process:
- Sand analysis
- Chemical composition
- Microstructures
- Non-destructive testing (US, PM, DP)
- Hardness and roughness control
- Dimensional
- Mechanical testing

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